How to use Spokal Editor

Spokal editor makes creating content much simpler and faster. With the split section tool to break your paragraphs, formatting your article becomes easier than ever!

You can drag and drop images from Flickr, Tweets, ‘Read More’ tags, Inline CTAs and optimize your post for the search engine by following the SEO tip boxes which will appear once you add a keyword that you want to target.

In the editor, you can also set OpenGraph tags, social media descriptions and enable recurring of the post for automated social shares.

To see how to use the editor, please watch the video or follow the steps below:


1. Create a New Blog Post

From your Dashboard, click on Create a New Blog Post to open the Spokal editor.

New Post


2. Editor – SEO analysis

Once you add a keyword that you want to target, the SEO analysis in the editor will appear to help you optimize your post for the search engine. As you follow the tips, the boxes will turn green to indicate you’re doing a good job!

Editor keywords


3. Split your content into paragraphs

With your article written and ready for formatting, select the place where you want to end a paragraph and click on the split section tool from the toolbar at the top of the editor (or from the floating toolbar).



4. Drag and drop images from Flickr

To search for images from Flickr, click on the ‘Flickr’ tab on the right side of the editor. Select the image you want to add by clicking on it and then drag and drop it anywhere you want it to appear in the post.
To open the image editor, click on the pencil icon at the top left of the image.



5. Drag and drop the Inline CTA and ‘Read More’ tag

Same as with the images from Flickr, the Inline CTA and the ‘Read More’ tag can be easily added to your posts by selecting them and dragging anywhere you like in the post.

You can find both the Inline CTA and the ‘Read More’ tag when you click on the ‘+’ tab from the panel on the right side of the editor.

To edit your Inline CTA, simply hover over it when it’s in the post and click on the link at the top right of it.

Plus Tab


6. Set Social Media descriptions and OpenGraph tags

  1. In the editor, click on the Twitter/Facebook icon under the toolbar
  2. Add meta description, social media descriptions and images
  3. Click on Done and you’re all set to schedule or publish your post!

Editor Social Modal



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