Do I still need Yoast if I’m using Spokal?

The short answer is no.

All the post-level SEO is now handled automatically when you create the posts – tied together with your social media descriptions.

We have SEO analysis with every page that’s faster to use.

All the OpenGraph (facebook) and Twitter Card social tags are handled by Spokal automatically.

XML Sitemaps are generated by the Spokal plugin as of version 1.9.2. As are the social and meta descriptions for category-level ‘pages’.

Spokal does everything Yoast does, so there is no need to run both. However, there is no harm in leaving Yoast installed if you want to. In fact, if you’ve been setting the meta descriptions for all your existing posts up until now in Yoast, then it’s a good idea to leave it running (though of course, you can set them in Spokal too by going to My Blog Posts).

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