How to A/B Test Your Blog Post Titles in Spokal

Note: This feature available on Essentials and Team plans only

To set up A/B titles for testing, you need to add a Spokal widget to your site which will show the A/B versions of the titles you enter from within Spokal or WordPress editor.

Note: Title A/B testing only works on sites that are getting enough traffic to be able to test appropriately. While there is no hard and fast number to determine when it will work, if you have less than 5000 visitors a month – it probably won’t.


There are 3 types of Spokal widgets that you can add to your site:

  1. Spokal A/B Test Most Popular Posts
  2. Spokal A/B Test Recent Posts
  3. Spokal A/B Test Related Posts

To add a widget, from your WordPress Dashboard go to Appearance > Widgets.



Select the widget you’d like to use and add it to your site’s sidebar.


Once it’s added, click on it to customize it.

Tick the checkbox next to ‘Only display posts that have A/B titles set’ and Save the changes.



Now, your most popular posts will show both versions of your titles and Spokal will track which title performs best based on most clicks from your visitors.



To start A/B testing, open the Spokal or WordPress editor and simply enter two versions of the title you want to test using the ‘A/B Test’ button as in the screenshot below.





After you publish the post, you can track their performance in Spokal > A/B Tests page.




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