How to add Anchor Links in Spokal Editor

If you’d like to include anchor links in your post to help your readers jump to a specific part of the same page, please follow the instructions below to see how to set it up.

1. Open the Spokal editor

2. Select a section in the post where you want to place the anchor link and click on the ‘Link’ button from the tool bar

Anchor 1.png


3. In the Url field, enter # and name it as you like. When done, click on ‘Create’

Anchor 2


4. Next, select the part in the article, where you want the readers to ‘jump’ to after they click on the anchor link

5. Click on the ‘Link’ button from the tool bar

Anchor 3


6. Enter # in the Url field

7. In ‘Name’ field, type in the name of the anchor you created in step 3 (in this case, ‘anchorname’)

8. Click on ‘Create’ and Save the post

Anchor 5


Now when your readers click on the anchor link, they will be navigated to another part of the page. Try it out yourself!

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