How to Capture Leads in Spokal

To capture leads in Spokal you can:

  1. Use Spokal’s Lead Generator Widgets
  2. Use the drag & drop Spokal form (the Inline CTA inside the editor)
  3. Use a CTA such as the Scroll Box, Smart Bar and Popups
  4. Use a supported plugin

The plugins we support are Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, JetPack, ContactForm7, Hybrid Connect and OptimizePress.

Keep reading to learn how to set them up or watch the video below.


Spokal’s Lead Generator Widgets

There are 2 types of widgets that you can add to your site’s sidebar.

  1. Spokal Lead Generator – simple sign up form
  2. Spokal Graphic Lead Generator – two step opt-in form

To add and customize these widgets, from your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Widgets and select the widget you wish to add to your site.

Sidebar widgets 2 - Copy

NOTE: If you want to use the graphical widget, you will need to create a Popup form first. To do that, go to the Spokal plugin page and then select ‘Popups’ from the ‘CTAs’ tab and click on ‘Create New Popup’.


Inline CTA

The Inline CTA can be added from within the Spokal editor with a simple drag & drop. You can also write your copy, insert additional fields, add an image or select a list where you want to send the leads to – all from the editor.

To add the Inline CTA, open the Spokal editor and click on the ‘+’ tab from the right panel.

Select the Inline CTA and drag it anywhere you want it to appear in the post.

Plus tab 5 - Copy


Edit the CTA by clicking on the link at the top right.

Plus tab 6


NOTE: The Inline CTA will try to match your site’s theme, but if you want to customize it, you can do that from the Spokal plugin page in WordPress. Select the ‘Inline CTA’ from the CTAs tab and click on ‘Customize’ to change the look of your CTA.

Inline customize 4


Scroll Box, Smart Bar and Popups

If you’d like to add a CTA such as Popups, Scroll Box or Smart Bar, you can do that from the Spokal plugin page in your WordPress site.

Select the CTA you’d like to use from the CTAs menu and enable it.

Scrollbox 2 - Copy


Once you enable a CTA, you can then customize it and change the behavior settings.

NOTE: To edit behavior settings for Popups, select ‘Exit Intent’ from the CTAs menu. 



If you’re using supported plugins such as Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, Jetpack, OptimizePress or Hybrid Connect, you can set them up to work with Spokal, from the Spokal plugin page in WordPress.

Click on the ‘Plugins’ menu and select the plugin that you want to use to send your leads to Spokal.




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