How to Change Font Sizes in the Editor

To see how to change the font sizes within Spokal editor, please follow the steps below or watch the tutorial video:

Heading Tags – H1, H2, H3

If you’d like to use the heading tags within the Spokal editor, you can choose from the 3 main headers in the tool bar.

Headers 1

Because H1 is used by the post title (generally), it’s best to use H2 for section headings, and H3 for subheadings

1. In Spokal, click on ‘Create New Post’ or open a post for editing

2. Highlight the text for which you’d like to change the font size

Headers 2

3. In the tool bar, click on the arrow next to the Heading tool and choose the heading you’d like to use

Headers 3


4. Save the post and review the changes using the ‘Preview’ button under the toolbar

NOTE: The style of the headings used here are set by your WordPress theme.


Customize Font Styles – S1, S2, S3

There are 3 default font styles that you can use within the Spokal editor and which can be customized and saved for future use.

To see a preview of the default styles, within the Spokal editor – click on the WordPress tab in the right panel.

Styles 1

The ‘Custom Styles’ section shows the preview of the current styles that you can use.


1. To customize a Style, click on a Style name that you want to change (S1, S2 or S3)

Styles 2

2. Click on the link ‘Create the style you want here‘ to open the window where you can customize and generate a CSS of the font you’d like to save

Styles 3

3. Using the options on the right, customize your font style with a preview text on your left

Styles 4


4. Once you’re happy with your new font, select and copy Your CSS from the box on the left and close the window

Styles 5


5. Replace the default font as in the screenshots below and paste the CSS you copied in step 4

Select old style

Styles 6








Paste copied CSS

Styles 8


The preview of the new style will be displayed:

Styles 9


6. Next, highlight the text in your post where you’d like to use the new font style and select style 1,2 or 3 from the toolbar

Styles 10


IMPORTANT: The new Style will be saved for the current and all future posts, and it will not impact styles used in previous posts unless you make changes to them.

We use styles like this instead of font tools for 3 main reasons:

  • It forces your blog posts to remain consistent across posts without having to enforce style guidelines (which requires an editor or someone to enforce them). Also makes working in teams a lot easier/more consistent.
  • It makes creating the copy faster.
  • When you change themes/designs – it’s easy to change the style to fit the new design. Hardcoded fonts would either be kept (and potentially not fit the new design) or you’d have to go through each and every blog post to update.


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