How to Connect Your Social Media Accounts

In Account > Connect Accounts page, you can connect multiple Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts (including business pages and groups!). If you want to publish posts to G+, just connect your Buffer to your G+ page and then to Spokal.

Connect Accounts


IMPORTANT: Please note that Spokal will authorize your social media accounts based on the account you’re already logged into in your browser. If you’re connecting multiple accounts, make sure that you’re logged in the correct account.


Connect Twitter

In Connect Accounts, click on the Connect button under Twitter.

Connect Twitter 1


  • If you’re logged into the Twitter account that you want to connect, you will be redirected to the authorization window

Click on ‘Authorize app

Connect Twitter 3

  • If you’re NOT logged in, in the authorization window enter the login details of the Twitter account and then click on ‘Authorize app

Connect Twitter 2

After that, you will be navigated back to the Connect Accounts page where you can see the list of all social accounts that have been successfully connected.

Connect Twitter 4


Connect Facebook

In Connect Accounts, choose to connect a Facebook Profile, Page or Group.

Facebook Profile

Connect FB 1

If you’re NOT logged into the Facebook account in your browser, in the next page click on ‘Connect with Facebook‘.

Connect FB 2

Log in using the username and password of the Facebook account you’d like to connect.

Connect FB 3


Facebook Pages and Groups

Before connecting a Facebook Page or a Group, please make sure that you’re logged in as the admin of the business page/group you’re trying to connect.

Click on ‘Connect Page‘ or ‘Connect Group‘ and if you’re already logged in to Facebook, any Pages/Groups that you’re an admin of will be listed in the drop down.


Connect FB 4


Connect FB 6

Select the Facebook Page/Group you’d like to connect to Spokal and click on ‘Save’.

Please note that if you don’t have Administrator permissions, there will be no pages/groups listed in the drop down and you will not be able to add them to Spokal.

Connect FB 5
IMPORTANT: You might be asked to choose the audience you’d like to publish to. Please make sure you don’t select ‘Only me’ or it will cause your postings to fail.

Connect FB 7


Allow Spokal to publish to your pages or groups

Connect FB 8

Select the Page or Group you’d like to connect from the drop down menu and click on ‘Save’. The Page/Group will be added to your list of connected social accounts.


Connect LinkedIn Profile and Pages

LinkedIn profile

In Connect Accounts page, choose to connect LinkedIn Profile.

Connect LI 1

Enter the login details for the LinkedIn account you’d like to connect and click on ‘Allow access

Connect LI 2

After that, you will see a message that you have successfully connected your LinkedIn profile.

Connect LI 3


LinkedIn page

In Connect accounts, click on ‘Connect Page‘.

Connect LI 4


To connect a LinkedIn Business Page, you will need to log in with the personal account that you use as the administrator of the LinkedIn page.

Once you log in in the authorization window, you will be navigated back to Spokal where you will have an option to select the LinkedIn page you’d like to connect, in the drop down menu. Any pages that you manage on LinkedIn will appear on the list.

Choose the page you’d like to publish to from Spokal and click on ‘Save’.

Connect LI 5


Connect Buffer

From your Spokal Dashboard, go to Account > Connect Accounts and select Connect Buffer.

Connect Buffer 1

A popup window will open with a warning to connect a Buffer account ONLY if you want to publish to your Google+ page.

Click ‘OK’.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you’re not already logged into a Buffer account if you’d like to choose a specific Buffer account to connect. Otherwise, Spokal will connect to the Buffer account that you’re currently logged in in your browser.

Authorize Spokal by signing in to the Buffer account you’d like to connect to Spokal.

Connect Buffer 3

Remove Social Accounts

To remove a social media account, go to Account > Connect Accounts and click on the red ‘X’ at the top right of the account you’d like to remove.

Remove social account 1


NOTE: Please refresh the page before adding a new account.


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