How to Create and Schedule Social Media Shares

If you’d like to create social shares from a link to a post on the web or if you’d like to write an update with an image and a comment, you can do that from the Calendar page in Spokal.

Creating a new social share in Spokal Calendar (using a link to a post)

To create a new social share, navigate to the Calendar page in Spokal and click on the blue + button at the top right.

Copy and paste the url of the post you’d like to share and click on the ‘Link’ button.

The social media descriptions will be automatically populated and you can choose to modify them, enable recurring for automatic scheduling, attach a CTA (read more about how to create a CTA) or upload an image from your computer.

New social share


When you’re done, click on ‘Save to Curated Tab’.

The post will be saved in the Curated Tab on the right and you can manually schedule it with a drag and drop.


Creating a new social share (without a link)

To create an ’empty’ social share that contains only a tweet or a Facebook/LinkedIn comment and an image or a video:

1. In the Calendar page, click on the blue + button at the top right

Plus calendar 1


2. In the modal, click on the link that says ‘or create a share that doesn’t like anywhere’.

Tweet 1


3. Enter a tweet or a Facebook/LinkedIn description for your social share

Empty share 1


4. (Optional) Add an image or a video (click on text or drag and drop into the modal)

Empty share 2


NOTE: You can upload images of any type and size and videos in .mp4 or .m4v formats.


5. (Optional) Enable Recurring for posts that you want to add for automatic scheduling

6. Save the post (click on ‘Save to Curated Tab’ button)

Empty share 3


The post will be saved in the right tab named ‘Curated Content’ and you can manually scheduled it with a drag and drop.


Scheduling a social share

To schedule a social share manually, first you need to enable the social media account where you’d like to publish the post

1. Click on the account name at the top of the Calendar to enable it.

Enable a social media account


2. Select the post you want to schedule and drag it into the Calendar.


The social share will be scheduled in the available time slots that you’ve created, but you can always choose to schedule it at any other time or day. To do that, click on the scheduled item itself to open it for editing and then click on the Calendar icon at the top of the modal. Here you can choose a different date for when you want to schedule the post.

NOTE: Please read more about setting up automatic scheduling in this article.


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