How to curate with Feedly

To learn how to connect and share posts with Feedly, follow the steps below or watch this video to get started:


1. To connect your Feedly account, go to Account > Connect Accounts and click on ‘Connect’ Feedly


Connect Feedly


2. IMPORTANT – If you have more than one Feedly account, make sure to continue using the same login that was used for creating the Feedly account (for example: via Google, Feedly or Facebook)


3. Once your Feedly account is connected to Spokal, login to your Feedly account

4. Click to open an article from your Feedly feed


6. Select the ‘Knowledge Board‘ by clicking on the star icon as in the screenshot below and then choose ‘Create a board

Feedly new 1


7. Type in ‘spokal’ and click on ‘Create’

Feedly new 2


8. Tag more posts that you want to share from Spokal using the same ‘Knowledge Board’ icon and then selecting ‘Spokal’


Feedly new 3


All posts tagged with ‘Spokal’ will be saved under the Feedly tab in your Calendar and you can schedule it manually (drag and drop) or add to Recurring Content for automatic sharing (using the ‘promote’ button next to the post).

Feedly in calendar

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