How to Edit Photos in Spokal Editor

To edit a photo in your blog post, open the Spokal editor by clicking on ‘Create a New Blog Post’ or open an existing post for editing.


To upload an image from your computer, click on the ‘image’ icon in the floating tool bar or from the tool bar at the top of the editor…

Photo editor 2


…or search for images using the Flickr tab from the right panel.

Photo editor 1


Select the image you want to add by clicking on it and then drag it anywhere in the post.

Photo editor 4


Once the image is in the post, click on it and choose the editing option at the top left of the image.

Photo editor 5


In the popup window, click on the ‘Photo Editor’ button and edit the image using the options at the top.

Photo editor 6


Photo editor 7


Save the changes and that’s it!


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