How to get Unbounce working with Spokal

You can connect Unbounce to Spokal in order to collect leads from your Unbounce landing pages that are then tracked and scored in Spokal (and sent on to either Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign). Leads who sign up this way will be tracked across your entire site, and their emails will be tracked too – just as if they signed up on your site through a Spokal CTA.

Some manual setup is required to get this to work – but once you know what you’re doing it only takes a couple of minutes per page. (Note: if you have a lot of pages, we can do this for you as part of an hourly consulting package).

There are 2 main things you need to do to get up and running.

1. Add the Spokal tracking javascript to your Unbounce landing page.

2. Set up the Unbounce form to POST to Spokal

Adding the Spokal tracking javascript to your Unbounce landing page

1. In your WordPress website, click on the Spokal menu item. This will open up the Spokal plugin page. From there, click on the Advanced Tracking tab and copy everything in the text box.

Unbounce 1


2. Log into your Unbounce account. Open the page you want to modify. In the Unbounce editor at the bottom there is an option called Javascripts. Click on that.

Unbounce 2
When the Javascript popup appears – paste the javascript that you copied from Spokal into it. You can leave everything else at default values. Note: jQuery is NOT required for this to run, so you do not need to have it ticked.


Unbounce 3


Save and that’s it.

Set up the Unbounce form to POST to Spokal

1. In Unbounce, click on the form itself (the part of your landing page that contains the box where your visitors will enter their email address).

On the right hand side, you should see a Form section when you do.

Under “Form Confirmation” settings, choose “Post form data to a URL” in the Confirmation dropdown, then in the URL text box, copy and paste this URL:

Unbounce 4

2. Then you need to specify the form fields. Double click on the form itself to edit Form fields.

The names of the fields are really important if you want the data to make it across to Spokal. At the very least you’ll be collecting Email address – the name of that filed needs to be “Email”. If you’re collecting first name, last name, phone or company name fields – they also need to be named exactly right. These fields are completely optional – but if you are collecting them – they need to be named correctly.

Field Name/ID
Email (required) Email
First Name (optional) FirstName
Last Name (optional) LastName
Phone (optional) Phone
Company (optional) Company

Here’s what setting them looks like in Unbounce:

Unbounce 5

Unbounce 6


3. In addition to the fields you’re collecting from your landing page visitors – you’ll also need to add 5 new hidden fields (and 2 optional fields). No one will see these (they’re hidden) – but they contain important information that allows us to authenticate you, and allows us to track them. This is where a lot of the magic happens, and this step is critical. These fields must also be named exactly.

The 6th field – SpokalRedirectUrl is completely optional – you don’t need to add it, however if you want to redirect your visitors to a specific page after they sign up – then add this field and include the URL you want to redirect to as the default value. You’ll see an example below.

The 7th field – SpokalListIdentifier is another optional step for users who want to send the leads who sign up on their Unbounce landing page forms to a specific list in their AC/MC account. Please see instructions below.

Field Name/ID
SpokalSource (requires input for default value)*
SpokalRedirectUrl (optional)
SpokalListIdentifier (optional – requires input for default value)


Unbounce 10


Unbounce 11



*NOTE: The SpokalSource field is the only required field that also needs to have a set Default Value. This field must be set to ‘HtmlForm’ so that Spokal can track the information about the Lead’s source.


Unbounce 12


Optional Redirect field

Here’s the optional redirect url field. The default value should be the URL you want to redirect to after they enter their email address.


Unbounce 13


Send leads to a specific list

If you have more than one list connected to Spokal and you want to send the leads who sign up on your Unbounce landing page to a specific list in your ActiveCampaign or MailChimp account, you need to add a hidden field and a default value which requires your list ID. Follow the steps below on how to set it up:

1. First, add a hidden field to your Unbounce form and name it SpokalListIdentifier like in the screenshot


Unbounce lists 2


2. In your Spokal account, go to Account > Connect Accounts and click on the ‘Change’ button under AC or MC to view your connected lists

Unbounce lists 1


3. Hover over the list you’d like to send the leads to and use the List ID as the default value for the field you created in step 1

Unbounce lists 3


The new field should like this:

Unbounce lists 4


Save the changes and now the leads who sign up using this form on your landing page will be sent to a specific list in your ActiveCampaign or MailChimp.

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