How to Import Contacts Into Spokal

Note: You can import only contacts that engage with your content.

The only reason to import contacts into Spokal is to put them into a lead nurturing funnel alongside leads that sign up on your site, and get the same lead scoring, FullContact details etc that your other leads are benefiting from.

For Spokal to track a contact – we need to know their email address AND their browser.

When a contact signs up on your site – we have both pieces of information which is how we can continue to track new visits (and even associate their old visits before they signed up) to the contact. Importing a lead via a spreadsheet or something doesn’t give us the same information we need to track.

So the way you can import contacts into Spokal is via a querystring variable in any link back to your site that you send them.

For example, say you have a list that you can email in one email provider – perhaps it’s an old list – and you want to start lead scoring and tracking them. You can send them an email (or a series of emails) with at least one link back to your site – perhaps to a new blog post you think they may enjoy. It can link to any page or post on your site – it doesn’t matter which one.

In the link, you’ll need to add a querystring parameter called acemail with their email address in it.

Then when they click on the link – we can link the browser to the email address – and it’s the same as if they had input their contact details into a form on your site.

So, for example, normally a link to your site might look like:

You’ll want to change that to:

Most email providers have a way to merge that data in to an email send.

All contacts who click on that link will be added to Spokal, and to either MailChimp or ActiveCampaign – to the default list you’ve connected.


Note: This feature can be abused because it bypasses double opt-in. That is – email addresses you add this way will not get an email confirmation asking them if they want to subscribe because we expect they have already done so and you’re just importing them into Spokal.

That’s why you have to enable it in your Spokal settings (Account > Settings). If you use this with lists of people who are not expecting to hear from you – you can end up on the wrong side of the MC or AC spam filters and find your account suspended – so only use this with contacts that are expecting to hear from you.

That’s really it – enable the setting in Spokal – set your links to include that query string variable and boom – auto-import of ACTIVE contacts from one list to another. This works best if you’re regularly mailing that list and include multiple links over time.

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