How to Install the Chrome and Firefox Browser Extensions

Spokal’s browser extensions help you share links, pictures and videos from the web. You can use them to save any content to your Spokal account and share it to your social media manually or automatically.

1. To install the Chrome or Firefox extensions, from your Spokal Dashboard navigate to the ‘Welcome‘ tab at the top right and select ‘Browser Extensions‘ from the drop down menu.



2. Click on the ‘Install Extension‘ button


3. If you’re using the Firefox browser, in the next step click on ‘Add to Firefox‘ and then choose ‘Install






Firefox users: Please note that the upload function will not be available on Firefox due to restrictions in the Firefox web extensions.


For Chrome users, click on ‘Add Extension




After that, you will be redirected to the confirmation page and the Spokal icon will be added next to your other Chrome or Firefox extensions.


Agency Users

If you’ve signed up for an Agency Dashboard, you can use the browser extensions to save posts to a specific Spokal account.

1. Open a post that you’d like to save to a Spokal account

2. Click on the Spokal browser extension

3. Next, click on the link ‘Login as Agency

Agency ext 1


NOTE: You will not see the login window if you’re already logged into your Agency Dashboard and you can skip to step 5.

4. Enter your Agency login details and click on the ‘Login’ button

5. Choose the Spokal account where you’d like to save the post from the drop down menu at the bottom right of the social modal and ‘Save to Curated Tab’

Agency ext 2



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