How to send custom field values to your Active Campaign list

If you’re using a WordPress plugin for creating forms such as Gravity Forms and you want to send additional fields from a custom field to your Active Campaign lists, then you’re in the right place. Spokal will send none, some or all custom fields to AC for you – but it does require that the fields in AC match the fields being sent by GF (or other plugin).

Here’s an example on how to set this up using Gravity Forms. The process is the similar with other plugins.
1. In your WordPress site, click to Add a New Form

2. Enter a form title and click on ‘Create Form’

3. Choose the additional field type from the right side of the Form Editor and edit your options for the new field

NOTE: The ‘Email’ field is required.


4. Click to Update the Form

NOTE: To send the leads to Spokal or to a specific list in your Active Campaign, you need to check the new Form in Spokal Plugin page > Plugins.


5. Log in to your Active Campaign account, select Lists and then click on Manage Fields


6. Click on ‘New Custom Field’ at the top right of the page


7. Select the field type so it matches the created custom field and then click on Next


8. Name the field. Name it the same name as the field you created in Gravity Forms.


The custom field will now be added to the list of existing fields in Active Campaign and it will show this information for contacts who sign up to any of your lists.

IMPORTANT!:The Personalization Tag in AC must match the field label name that was given to the Form (step 3):


For example, if your field label in the Form is ‘Field name’, then the Personalization Tag in Active Campaign should be %FIELD_NAME%.

It’s not case sensitive, and all spaces will be replaced with _ by Spokal when we pass the values to AC.

This is how we match up the fields. ie: My Custom Field in Gravity Forms will map to the AC field with the %MY_CUSTOM_FIELD% personalization tag in AC. If they don’t match exactly, the field will be ignored and will not be sent to AC.

NOTE: You can change the Personalization Tag if you click on the Edit button next to the field you want to modify and then change the tag so it matches the field label from the form.

You can always find the exact name of the field being sent from the Spokal Lead page:


You *CAN* use any type of AC field – not just text fields. However, if you use a drop down, radio button, checkbox or other field that has set values – make sure your form has matching values. Values sent from Gravity Forms that don’t match a valid value in AC will still be sent, and you’ll see them on the contact record – however automations that use that rule may not trigger correctly.


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