How to Set Up Contact Form 7 so that it sends leads to Spokal

To set up your Contact Form 7 to Spokal, please follow the following steps carefully.

1. Select “Contact” from the navigation bar on WordPress.

2. If you already have a contact form set up, select the edit button underneath the form you wish to send to Spokal. If you do not already have a form set up, select the “Add New” button beside the “Contact Forms” heading at the top of your screen.

CF7 1


3. The form fields need to be named very specifically, as they are displayed in the photo below.

Only fields that have been named in this format will be sent to Spokal.

Only the “Email” field is mandatory.

CF7 2


4. Go to the Spokal plugin page and open the ‘Plugins’ tab and then select ‘Contact Form 7’.

Note: This tab will appear only if plugin Contact Form 7 is activated.

CF7 3


5. Underneath the instructions, you will see a list of your Forms that you have created in the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Check the box beside the form that you want to be connected with Spokal.

There is a drop down menu beside each form. It will automatically be set to default, which will send your leads to the default list on Spokal. If you have more than one lead list, select the appropriate one from the drop down menu.


6. Once you’ve made the appropriate selections, click the blue “Save Changes” button.

Your leads from this form will now be connected with your chosen lead list at Spokal.


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