How to Set Up Jetpack Forms to send leads to Spokal

To set up your Jetpack forms, please follow the steps bellow.

1. Under the WordPress “Posts” tab select “Add New” or “Edit” to create or edit your Jetpack form.

2. Select the option “Add Contact Form” that appears in the middle of the screen.

Jetpack 1


3. Name the form labels like they are in the figure below:

Jetpack 2


NOTE: Your form may contain any additional fields that you would like, but only lead information from the fields “Email”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Phone” and “Company” will be sent from Spokal to your ESP. If you’d like to send custom field values to your lists, please read this article.


4. Save your form by selecting the blue “Add this form to my post” button at the bottom left hand corner of the pop-up box.

5. Go to Spokal plugin page and from the ‘Plugins’ menu, select ‘Jetpack’

Note: This tab will appear only if Jetpack is activated.

Jetpack 3


6. Select the list where you want to send the leads who sign up using Jetpack forms and Save the changes.

NOTE: You can choose not to send the leads to Spokal by checking the box at the top of Jetpack Settings page. 

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