How to Set Up Social Media Descriptions and Recurring Scheduling in WordPress editor

If you’ve connected to Spokal but you want to publish your posts to social media from the WordPress editor, you can use the social media icon on the right hand side to set up the social media descriptions, enable/disable social accounts or enable/disable the Recurring for a post.

1. Login to your WordPress site and add a new post or edit an existing one

2. Click on the social media icon on the right hand side to open the social modal

Social media WP 2


3. Enable social media accounts where you want to publish the post (*disabled by default)

Social media WP 3


4. Enable/disable recurring

Social media WP 4


5. Publish or update the post (please remember that updating a post with the social media accounts enabled will publish to those social accounts immediately)

* The social media accounts in the social modal are disabled by default, but you can change that setting so the accounts are always enabled. To do that, open the Spokal plugin page and tick the checkbox next to ‘Enable social media publishing by default’ and save the changes.


Social media WP 1


Adding posts to Recurring Content and Performance Weighting

This step is only needed for posts that were either imported from WordPress or published in WordPress with the social media accounts disabled.

NOTE: Imported WordPress posts will have the Recurring option tuned OFF by default, so you need to set up the social media descriptions and enable Recurring for each post.

You can do that:

  1. From My Blog Posts page in Spokal
  2. From the Spokal editor
  3. From the WordPress editor (as explained above)


Once you’ve added the posts to Recurring Content, please make sure that you publish them at least 3 times to social media to start the Performance scoring.

1. You can do that by opening a post for editing (in Spokal or in WordPress) and make sure to enable at least 3 social accounts to publish to and update the post

2. You can manually schedule the posts from the Calendar page in Spokal



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