How to Setup A New MailChimp Account To Work With Spokal

If you are an existing MailChimp user – you can simply connect the account in Connect Accounts.

If you’re getting started with a new MailChimp account, then follow the steps below:

1. Create Lists

If you don’t have any lists, login to your MailChimp account and click on ‘Create a List’ or open the ‘Lists’ menu at the top as in the screenshot below.

MC 1


2. Customize your emails

There are 5 emails that you can further customize with Spokal.

To create forms and response emails, in your MailChimp account, open Lists and then click on ‘Signup Forms’.

MC 2


Select ‘General Forms’

MC 3


From the drop down menu, select the type of email you’d like to personalize

MC 5


Opt-in confirmation email: This is what your potential customers get when they sign up to receive your emails. They have to click the confirmation link that’s automatically included in the email to be subscribed, so it’s a good place to write a quick “Hello, thanks for joining me” message.

Confirmation “thank you” page: After they click the link in the previous email, they get sent to this page to confirm they’re subscribed to receive emails from you.

Final “welcome” email: This is the automatic welcome email someone receives after they’re subscribed to your list. It’s a great opportunity to welcome them again, and invite them to join the conversation. You can also mention what you’ll be including in your emails so they look forward to hearing from you.

Unsubscribe success page: This is the page someone gets sent to after they unsubscribe from your emails aka they don’t want to receive them anymore. (MailChimp automatically includes an unsubscribe link in all emails you send, so you don’t have to worry about this).

“Goodbye” email: This is the email someone gets after they unsubscribe. You can do a few things here, but it’s also good to let them know if they unsubscribed by mistake, they can subscribe again (the email automatically includes a subscribe button for them).


3. Connect MailChimp to Spokal

1. In MailChimp, click on the name of your account at the top right corner and select ‘Account’ from the drop down. Choose the menu item named ‘Extras’ and then click on ‘API keys’.

MC 6


2. Create a Key and copy it.


3. Login to your Spokal account and from your Dashboard navigate to Account > Connect Accounts.

4. Click on the Connect Mailchimp button as in the screenshot.

Connect AC 3


5. Paste the generated API key that you copied from your MailChimp account and click on ‘Connect’.

MC 7


6. Select the list you want to connect as the default list and click on ‘Connect with list ‘default”.

MC 8



To connect more lists, simply select a different list from the drop down menu and name it. When you’re done, click on ‘Add new list‘.



NOTE: You can also choose to connect any groups that you have in your MailChimp account.

First, select the list group from your MC account in the ‘Lists’ drop down menu.



Name the list and then click on the ‘Add users to a grouping‘ link



Select the groupings and groups that you’d like to connect and click on the ‘Add new list’ button.


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