How to Setup ActiveCampaign To Work With Spokal

If you’re using ActiveCampaign and you want to connect it to Spokal, please follow the steps below or watch the attached tutorial video to get started:


By connecting your ActiveCampaign account, Spokal will help you segment your leads based on the level of your contact’s interest. As people start to sign up, we’ll show you their Full Contact information, score them based on their browsing and email activity and display focuses information for each lead and send all that information to your ActiveCamapaign account.

1. Connect your ActiveCampaign account

1. Login to your ActiveCampaign account and navigate to the name of your account at the top right and select ‘My Settings

AC 1


2. From the menus on the left hand side, click on ‘Developer‘ and copy the API url and key

AC 2



3. Login to your Spokal account and go to Account > Connect Accounts

4. Click on ‘Connect’ ActiveCampaign

Connect AC 4


5. Paste the API url and key you copied from your ActiveCampaign account and click on ‘Connect’

AC 3


6. Next, choose the list you’d like to use as the default list from the drop down menu

AC 4


7. If you have forms attached to the list you want to connect, they will show up in the Forms drop down menu. Select it and then click on ‘Connect with list ‘default”

NOTE: It’s recommended to add a form to avoid single opt-ins. This means that your contacts don’t have to confirm their subscriptions which can lead to low-quality lists, spam reports and ultimately, you could have your ActiveCampaign account suspended.

AC 5



To connect more lists, choose another list from the drop down and the form that’s integrated with it. In the field below, name the list and click on ‘Add new list’.

AC 6


All information about contacts who sing up to your connected lists can be found in Leads page in your Spokal account. Simply click on a contact and see their interaction with your site and emails.


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