How to Setup and use the Inline CTA

How to add a Call To Action to your posts

In your Spokal account, navigate to create a new blog post or edit an existing one.

1. Click on the ‘+‘ tab on the right when in editor
2. Select the CTA and drag it anywhere you want it to appear in the post

Insert Inline editor

3. Click on the link at the top right of the CTA

Plus tab 6 - Copy
4. Add your copy, select additional fields, add an image and choose the list where you want to send the leads who sign up using this specific Inline CTA
5. When done, click on ‘Update‘ to save it once or click on ‘Update & Add to Library‘ and use it later

Inline Edit


To use the CTAs saved to the Library:

1. Drag and drop the Inline CTA widget into the post

2. Click on the link to edit the CTA

Plus tab 6 - Copy

3. Click on the button ‘View Library‘ at the bottom left

View Library


4. Select the CTA you want to use

Customize Your Inline CTA

1. From your WordPress Dashboard, click on ‘Spokal’ to open the Spokal Plugin page

2. In the CTAs drop down, select ‘Inline CTA’

3. Click on the ‘Customize Inline CTA’ button

4. Change the color, font styles, text… and save the changes

Customize Inline CTA

Now, the Inline CTA will look as you customized it here.

Inline CTA frontend

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