How to Set Up OptimizePress with Spokal

How to set up OptimizePress Forms to send leads to Spokal?

Step 1

Go to Spokal plugin page and click on the Plugins menu item, then Other. If you have more than one list, choose the list you want the leads to go to, and click Generate.



OPTIONAL: If you want to set a page where the leads will be redirected after they sign up, then tick the check box and add the Url of the page into the field as in the example below. When you finish, click on the Generate button.



Copy the HTML from the box.


Step 2

Add a new OptimizePress Optin box or edit an existing one.

Optimize 1


Step 3

Under the “Form Html” tab, for “Integration type” choose Custom Form.

In “Form Html” field paste the HTML that you copied from the Spokal plugin.


Optimize 2


Inside the “Form HTML” section you’ll see “Name” and “Email” fields. They should be correctly set – but double check, and make sure the values are the same as the screenshot below. Name should be ‘FirstName’ and Email should be ‘Email’.


Optimize 3


For certain Optin boxes, you will see an “Add New” button at the bottom.

Select this option to add extra fields.
For example, you can add “Company” with “Company” as the text, or a “Phone” field with “Phone” as the text.


Optimize 4


Only the Email field is required.

You can also set First and Last Name fields as additional, but please note that if you are adding First Name field this way, then you have to disable the default Name field of the chosen Optin Box.

To disable the default Name field, tick the checkbox next to ‘Disable Name’:

Optimize 5


Then click on “Add New” button at the bottom and add additional fields for First and/or Last Name the same way you added Company and Phone fields.

Select “FirstName” with “First Name” as the text, or “LastName” field with “Last Name” as the text.


Optimize 6


Step 4

Click to “Insert” and you are done.

Your leads from OptimizePress will now be sent to Spokal with lead tracking (and then on to MC/AC if you have it connected to Spokal).

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