How to use Convince & Convert in Spokal

Spokal’s Convince + Convert allows you to capture moments when competitors customers’ are unhappy, and leverage that time to make an introduction.

It’s an easy way to get ahead of your competition and make sure those people choose you before they even realize they’re looking.

The Easy Way To Convert
With Convince & Convert you can follow your competitors and people who provide similar services to you on Twitter.

Simply choose their handles for Spokal to monitor.

Go to Convince & Convert and then choose Organizations.

Simply choose their handles for Spokal to monitor.

C and C 1

Then Spokal will track and display tweets with negative sentiment, showing you when your competitors’ fans and customers are unhappy.

Using the icons on the right, you can respond or follow a conversation.

C and C 2

This is the most crucial moment to converting a customer.

If you can identify the exact time when someone is unhappy, and jump into the conversation with a suggestion or solution, they’re more likely to try your product and more likely to become loyal when they do.

Spokal streamlines this customer acquisition process by gathering the negative tweets in one place, and makes it easy for you to respond to your competitors’ unhappy customers with a comment or suggestion, or simply follow them to monitor the conversation.

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