How to use HTML Forms to Track Leads on other sites

If you have a website that’s not connected to Spokal but you want to be able to track the leads that sign up on it, you can set up the HTML form as in the example below and Spokal will track them and show their information in Leads page.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the other site must be on the same top level domain to be able to track the leads (different subdomain is also fine).

1. Log in to the site where you’d like to track your leads and open the page/post/widget to add the form to

NOTE: In the example below, we’re using a text widget from page builder as an example, but you can use the same steps to set up the HTML form anywhere else on your site. Make sure to use a Text editor that accepts HTML forms.

HTML website 7

2. Next, log in to your WordPress site (that’s connected to Spokal) and navigate to the Spokal plugin page

3. Select the tab named ‘Advanced Tracking’

HTML website 1


4. Copy your Tracking Javascript

NOTE: You can copy and paste the Javascript into the other site the same way as you would add any tracking script.

HTML website 8


5. Open the text editor in the other site and paste the Javascript you just copied from the Spokal plugin page

HTML website 9


6. Go back to Spokal plugin page, click on the button ‘I also want to collect leads on the other site’

HTML website 2


7. Select the option ‘I want a basic HTML form I can copy into the other site’

HTML website 3


8. Customize your HTML form and when you’re done, hit the ‘Generate’ button

HTML website 4


9. Copy the generated HTML form and paste it into the other site’s text widget

HTML website 6


HTML website 10


10. Save the changes and you’re done.

Now your leads will be tracked and scored in Spokal.


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