How to use Keyword Research

To start the keyword research, follow the steps below or watch the video:


Create Keyword Campaigns

1. From your Dashboard go to Research > Keyword Wizard

Keywords 1

2. Enter a term that people are most likely to search for to find your business

3. Remove suggested keywords that don’t relate

4. When done, click on Next (at the bottom of the page)

5. Click on Create Campaign

Keywords 2


Manage Keywords

Adding/creating new keywords

1. Go to Research > Manage Keywords

2. Enter the new keyword in the search bar and click on the ‘Search’ button

3. Select the keyword campaign where you’d like to add the new keyword by clicking on the campaign tab on the right

4. Choose a keyword from the suggested keywords and click on ‘Add



Creating new campaigns

In a similar way, you can choose to create a new campaign using the keyword you entered. Simply click on the blue ‘+‘ button next to the keyword and a new campaign with a list of keywords will be added and displayed on your right.



Remove keywords or delete keyword campaigns

In Manage Keywords you can remove individual keywords from the campaign lists or you can choose to delete a keyword campaign.

1. Select a keyword campaign by clicking on the campaign tabs on the right

2. Click on the red ‘x’ next to the keywords you’d like to remove from the campaign



Or to delete a keyword campaign, select the campaign you want to delete and then click on the red ‘x‘ as in the screenshot below:



Change the Keyword Research Country

If you’d like to do the keyword research in another language, you can change it in Account > Settings page.

Click on the drop down menu, select a country from the list and Save the changes.

Keyword Research Country

NOTE: Not all countries are represented, so it’s best to choose a country that uses the same language as you and then specify where you’d like your website’s local rankings to be in the Results Locale option on the Settings page.

Results Locale


Ranking Keywords

Once you’ve created a Keyword Campaign, we’ll show you how each keyword ranks and help you decide what to write about next. Target the keywords scored in green and yellow – avoid the red ones.

Go to Blog > Blog Keywords to see the list of keywords and their scores.

NOTE: Scores are calculated using Spokal’s unique algorithm that factors in such aspects as the keyword’s traffic, competition, cost per click on Adwords and length. We suggest using the score (higher is better) to determine what keywords to blog first – though of course, if you have a flash of inspiration for a lower scored keyword – don’t let that stop you!

Suggested Keywords

As we find new keywords related to your Campaigns, we will show them to you in Suggested Keywords page. They will be scored and you can choose to add or reject any of them.

You will also be notified about new keywords in the notification tab at the top right, but you can always review the full list in Research > Suggested Keywords.

Suggested Keywords page

Import Keywords

If you have a list of keywords that you’d like to add to your Campaigns, you can do that from the ‘Import Keywords’ page. Choose a Campaign from the drop down menu, paste your keywords and select ‘Import’.

To import keywords, go to Research > Import Keywords.

Import Keywords

Adding New Keywords

You can create new keywords and add them to your Campaigns from within the Spokal editor or My Blog Posts page.

When you’re creating a new or editing an existing post in the editor, simply enter a new keyword in the ‘Keyword’ field and click on the green ‘+’ button. If you have more than one keyword campaigns, their names will appear after you click on the green button and you can select where you’d like to add the new keyword.

Add new keyword editor


Similarly, you can create and add new keywords from My Blog Posts page.

Click on the icons next to the post you’d like to assign the new keyword to. Add the keyword into the ‘Keyword’ field and click on the green ‘+’ button. Choose a campaign from the drop down menu (if you have more than one Campaign) and Save the changes.

Add new keyword

All new keywords will be scored and you can see how they rank in Blog > Blog Keywords page.


Advanced Keyword Metrics

If you’d like to see more keyword metrics, go to Account > Settings page and under the ‘Features’ section, turn ON ‘Advanced Keyword Metrics’ and save the changes using the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.

Advanced Keywords


Export keywords

You can export your list of keywords to a CSV file from the Ranking Keywords page.

1. From your Spokal Dashboard, navigate to Blog > Blog Keywords

Keywords Export 1


2. Click on the ‘Export’ button at the top right of the table

Keywords Export 2


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