How to use the Content Planner (Editorial Calendar)

Content Planner helps you organize your editorial calendar by adding content placeholders to your Calendar alongside all your scheduled posts and social media shares. You can use them for saving blog post topics, draft links, or to assign it to someone and add any notes that you like.


1. To create a content placeholder, in your Calendar click on the yellow ‘+’ button at the top right of the page.



2. Click on the calendar icon and select the time and date for your content planning.



3. Add a title or topic for the content.



4. Add an optional link to the draft post.



5. Assign the topic to yourself or a team member and add a note




6. You can also choose to assign a focus from the list of your created focuses to the content you want to plan



7. When you’re done, hit ‘Create’ and the content planner will be saved in your Calendar as in the screenshot below



To edit a content planner, click on the item that you want to change in the Calendar and then modify it in the popup window.



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