How to use the Social Media Calendar

The Calendar shows all of your published or scheduled blog posts and social shares.

You can also create new social shares, schedule your and curated posts and edit the social media descriptions from the Calendar page. Additionally, you can set up Recurring Scheduling and see the schedules of your automated shares.

To get started, please follow the instructions below or watch the tutorial video:


1. Create custom time slots for your social media accounts

After you connect your social media accounts, there will be 3 default time slots for each account. To modify these time slots:

  1. From your Dashboard navigate to Social > Schedule Settings
  2. Enable the social account to set the time slots for it
  3. Select/unselect days of the week and change the time to when your readers are mostly active
  4. Save the changes you made

Time Slots


2. Schedule posts manually in the calendar

Now that you’ve created your custom time slots, you can go to the calendar and start scheduling your and curated posts with a simple drag and drop.

  1. In the calendar, enable the social account for which you’d like to schedule a post
  2. Look for the post you’d like to share from the tabs on right side of the calendar
  3. Select it and drag it into the calendar

Manual Scheduling


NOTE: Even though you’ve set the custom time slots, you can always change the publishing time by clicking on the scheduled item in the calendar. It will open a modal where you can schedule it at a different time or change the social media descriptions.

Change Time

Create new Social Shares

  1. Click on the blue ‘+’ button at the top right of the Calendar
  2. Paste the url of the post you want to share and click on the ‘Link’ button next to it
  3. Edit social media descriptions
  4. Save to Social Tab

New social share

NOTE: You can also enable recurring in the same window for posts that you want to share recurringly.

Plus calendar enable recurring


IMPORTANT: In Twitter description, deleting the Spokal shortlink is disabled, but you can modify the tweet before and after the shortlink. The link is important! It’s how we track performance for recurring content, so we make sure you can’t delete it.

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